All class trainings can be edited for any target group and clients so please don't feel like you have to stay to a certain category. Classes range from a few hours to a few days depending on what you want and the amount of people.


We will conduct a case review on civil and criminal cases and provide detailed reports and analysis. Testify in court as an expert witness.


This company is formed on the principle of giving back to others and helping other. Contact me for help with volunteer work. Please click to see the areas I have been and continue to work in.


Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers and Motivational Speakers for your next event. Professional speakers, who can distribute, captivate, inform, educate and keep your target audience entertained.  


I have been serving my community and country for over 13 years and I will continue to help today’s youth. I will provide mentoring to children and staff creating programs to help people reach goals.


Not only do I facilitate classes but I have various hands on trainings and Scenarios available. More services are provided then what are listed please contact for more information.


Need more details? Contact us

We are training individuals to protect themselves, their homes and businesses. Contact us by phone, email or social media channels.

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