Active Shooter

- How to survive

- Mindset of law enforcement

- Top 3 dangers in an active shooter situation

- First responders

- Mindset to live

- Medical class on how to take care of injuries, until help arrives

- Case studies

- Policy and procedures

- Safety plan & threat assessment


Business & Company Security

- Policy and procedures

- Safety plan & threat assessment

- Planning and strategies against violence

- Civil liability planning  

- How to make a safe environment for employees

- Keep customers safe

- Protect against financial crimes and frauds

- Learn extra security measures to secure buildings and information

- How to minimize robbery and burglary attempts

- Employee theft

- Racial profiling training

- Employees articulating actions  

- Documenting employee’s behavior

- Don't be a victim of wrongful termination  


Drugs and Drug Recognition

- Introduction to drug world

- Drug recognition

- Why kids try drugs

- Signs of drug use and the effects

- What other crimes come from drug use

- Withdraws

- Drugs are a victim crime!!!


Community Policing

- Identifying suspicious people & vehicles

- How to report to law enforcement

- Techniques to remember information

- Create crime free zone with neighbors

- Making your neighborhood safe

- Make thieves and burglars pick another area

- Community awareness

- Intel gathering and distributing

- Take your power back! 



Self Defense

- Don't become a victim

- Control Holds and takedowns

- Pressure points

- Strikes

- Situational awareness

     A. going to and leaving work

     B. Parking lots and vehicles

     C. Hotels and Motels

     D. Banks and ATM

      E. Late night travel

      F. Shopping

- Weapons and sprays

- Robbery vs. Sexual assault

- Fight for life

- Warriors mindset

- Identify the crime (May save your life)

Work Place Violence

- Stop violence before it happens

- Identify potential problems

- What are the triggers?

- How deal to with irate customers or staff

- Policy and procedures

- Safety plan & threat assessment

- Understanding who commits work place violence

- Group stress relief and motivation talk

Home Security

- Home visit to identify safety hazards

- Safety plan & threat assessment

- Information on securing windows and doors

- How not to become a target of burglary

- Personal and family safety

- Personal protection

- Family critical incident plans

- Theft deterrents

Winter visitors or out of town special: Have a expert security specialist check on your home or business a few times a day; looking for signs of burglary attempts or burglary prep work. Collect news paper and/or mail; even yard maintenance.


Domestic Violence

- What is Domestic Violence?

- It’s none of my business?

- How to break the cycle

- How Domestic Violence ends

- Roll playing (Hits home)

- You are not the only victim, kids are too


This training can be one on one, work conferences, family, community, schools, company or anyone who needs help! 



- Yuma Gangs

- Prison gangs

- Gangs and their mentality

- Why kids join gangs

- Border towns

- Identifying gang members

- What problems do gang members bring

- How do I leave?



Family and school classes

- Suicide Prevention

- Anti-bullying

- Peer pressure

- Low self stem

- Getting ready for the real world

- "Next thing I knew" case study on victims

- Jane doe- come forward/ not your fault

- School violence  

- How today’s mistakes affect tomorrow (Powerful All kids should hear)

- How predators pick victims

- Dangers of social media

- Dangers of video games on-line


Law enforcement, Companies & Attorneys
Disability and Injured Groups
Need more details? Contact us

We are training individuals to protect themselves, their homes and businesses. Contact us by phone, email or social media channels.

- Basic Crime Scene Investigations

- Advanced Crime Scene Investigations

- Homicide Investigations

- Crimes against children

- Interview and Interrogations

- Statements over confessions

- Drug investigation and CI work

- Collision investigation

- White collar crimes

- Property crimes

- Cold cases

- Close quarters battles techniques

- Single and double building searches

- Active shooter (officer side)

- Swat tactics

- Gang investigations

- Violent crimes

-Trial Prep and trial folders

- Courtroom testimony

- Injured .Officer Mindset

- Injured Officer, don't stand alone

- No check to check (life story)



- Living with a disability

- Achieving your dream

- You don't stand alone

- Injured officers and soldiers

- The mental side of injuries

- Dealing with the pain 

- Small victories, light at the end of the tunnel


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