Eric Frost has been a member of the Juvenile Justice Board for several years. The Juvenile Justice Board is around to mentor juveniles who have gotten into trouble. Instead of giving them juvenile detention time the Board helps them get their grades up and reach several goals.


Eric Frost's role is to find why the juvenile committed the offense and help them reach their goals. Most of the time Eric Frost finds out what is causing the juvenile to act out and commit the crime. In several cases Eric Frost has learned the juvenile has a drug problem or the juvenile is being victimized and is acting out. 

Eric Frost then finds out what the juvenile wants to do when they grow up and he lets them work in the that field; while giving them a role model to speak with who works in that field. 

Eric Frost offers a program called social intervention; which is a class or classes built around the juvenile and whatever issues they are dealing with. The classes are built to open the eyes of the juvenile to the real world and show them consequences of their actions and where it could lead them.  The other thing it shows them is a real life success story and how good their life can be.   

The social intervention program is also available to adults, families, business and churches. Eric Frost has extensive knowledge in mentoring people on religious matters such as faith and personal relationships with God.   



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