Fight your Fear Survival Course

June 29, 2017



On July 16th, we will be holding an event filled with valuable information and tactics on self-defense, empowerment, Arizona Law, Day & night time travel, situational awareness, and realistic scenarios. Learn the pros and cons on pepper spray, tasers and self-defense items. Our goal for this event is to empower individuals and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to defend themselves in multiple situations no matter the size of the attacker.


This is only some of the things you will learn during this course!!!!!


1. Situational Awareness

  1. Late-night travel

  2. ATM/Banks

  3. Parking Lots and vehicles

  4. Hotels Motels

  5. Shopping

2. Rape vs armed robbery seminar (Identifying the crime can save your life)

3. How not to become a victim Seminar (Learn how attackers pick targets)

4. Weapons and Sprays? Self-defense items Demo

5. Arizona Law on Self-Defense (Know your rights)

6. E.T.G Self-Defense

        A.  Self-defense starts before any physical contact is made

        B.  fighting multiple attackers 

        C.  Disarming a gunman

        D.  Knife Defense

        E.  Disable an attacker in seconds no matter his size

In Yuma, we have 1 in 28 chance of becoming victims of crime. According to Yuma crime data number of violent crime is 456 a year. The number for property crime is 2,943 a year. When it comes to property crimes, Yuma is shown to be 3% higher than the Arizona average and 25% higher than the national average. Did you know the overall crime rate is 26% higher than the national average? Think about this in America a rape happens every 6 minutes, an assault every 37 seconds, property crime every 3 seconds and a violent crime every 3 seconds! In the time, it took you to read this, approximately 15 people have been victimized.

Wouldn’t you agree that having a grasp on self-defense, how to use it and when to use it will make our community even better than it already is?

Brought to you by Eric Frost Consulting and Yuma United MMA.


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